Tuesday, August 5, 2014

How to Make a Felt Monkey Toy

Last week, I made my nephew a safari-themed mobile. My brother had looked at a few on Etsy that he liked, but they were quite costly. He asked if I would be able to make one. It was super easy and it turned out pretty cute. The entire mobile costs less than $5 to make! Each animal costs less than $1 to make!

Today, I will show you how to make the monkey. I made mine basic colors, but you can make yours any color that you want.

Needed Materials:

Dark Brown Felt (body and head)
Light Brown Felt (face and inner ears)
White Felt (outer eyes)
Black Felt (inner eyes and nose)
Small Amount of Polyfill Stuffing
Sewing Needle
Craft Glue

Step 1. Make a template. I looked through several clip-art monkeys for ideas and then drew up a template. I am not artsy at all, so you may want to come up with your own ideas. Here is pdf file of the monkey template that I used.

Step 2. Using your template, cut the monkey body, head, face, and inner ears out of the felt. I did find that it was a little easier to cut out the template if I pinned the template to the felt and then cut around it.

Step 3. Staying close to the edges, sew around the entire body. Be sure to leave an open space to put in the stuffing. 

Step 4. Lightly stuff the monkey's body.

Step 5. Once you are happy with the amount of stuffing, sew the hole shut.

Step 6. Follow the same process for the monkey's head.

Step 7. Sew the monkey's head to the body.

Step 6. Glue or sew on the face, nose and inner ears.

Step 7.  Glue or sew on the eyes. I did not make a template for the eyes, because they are just ovals. However, you might choose to use safety eyes or googly eyes or whatever you want.

Step 8. Make the mouth. I just drew on the mouth with a Sharpie, but you could also embroider it or even make it out of felt.

I think this monkey turned out pretty cute. These felt animals would also make great toys or even decorations. You could also skip the stuffing and use them as embellishments.

So far, we have made an elephant, lion, giraffe, and monkey. Tomorrow, I will show you how to make the snake.

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