Thursday, February 26, 2015

DIY St. Patrick's Day Cat Toy

DIY St. Patrick's Day Cat Toy

My cats love to play with anything that involves a string. They needed a new St. Patrick's Day toy, so I made them a shamrock toy. I already had all the needed supplies, so it was completely free and they love it. You can make one, too!

Needed materials:
Sturdy dowel 3-4 feet long
Small amount of felt
Small amount of string or yarn

Step 1: Draw up a template. I drew a simple shamrock. You could make whatever shape you want. If you want to use my template, you can find it here.

Step 2: Cut the shamrocks out of the felt. You may find it easier to pin the shamrocks to the felt prior to cutting them out. I cut out four shamrocks.

Step 3: Thread the string through the shamrocks.

Step 4: Tie a knot below each shamrock to keep them spaced out.

Step 5: Drill a hole through the dowel.

Step 6: Thread the string through the hole in the dowel and securely tie it.

Step 7: Play with your cat!