Wednesday, January 21, 2015

DIY Charging Station With a Power Strip Compartment

I live in a 120+ year old house. If you have ever been in an old house, you will notice that there is a severe lack of outlets. Obviously, when electricity was first put into homes they did not have all the gadgets that we have now. However, the shortage of outlets leaves my counter looking like this while I alternate each thing that needs to be charged.

You can make this charging station to house all your electronics for under $5. The best part is that it is made so a USB charging multi-port or a power strip can fit inside and only one cord needs to be plugged in to the wall! This is also completely customizable to fit your electronics.

Friday, January 2, 2015

How to Remove Chap Stick Grease Stains from Clothing

Last week, I managed to wash TWO tubes of Chap Stick with my laundry.The worst part is that I did not notice it until after the clothes had gone through the dryer and the grease stain was set it. All my clothes in that load looked like this.

I gathered up a bunch of supplies and experimented to see what would get the grease stains out of the clothes. There were 2 pairs of jeans and 4 t-shirts that had the most grease stains, so I used them for my tests.

I tried baking soda and Oxi Clean, Borax, Dawn, Tide Oxi, Goop, Oxi Clean, Kids 'N Pets, chalk, Dawn Platinum, clarifying shampoo, and Shout Advanced Grease Busting Foam. After each treatment, I washed the clothes in the warm water with Tide Simply Clean. I let each item air dry until I knew if the stain came out. If the stain was still there, I did not put it in the dryer.

Here is what worked and what failed!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Knit Z-Man Sweater

Happy New Year's Eve! Here is another project that I made for Christmas. I made this sweater for my nephew.

I found the pattern in Zoe Mellor's book Adorable Knits for Tots. A couple years ago, I made this sweater for his older sister from this same book.

I found this cute Ships Ahoy! sweater pattern and I knew I wanted to make one for Zach. I had intended to make it with the boat and fish. I ordered the yarn online. The yarn looked more blue on my computer screen. When I received the yarn in the mail, it was more green than I wanted. I decided to alter the pattern to have a Z on it, but I really like how it turned out.

If you want to see more details about this pattern, please see my Z-Man Sweater project page on Ravelry. Be sure to take a look at some more of my knitting and crocheting projects on my Ravelry project page.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Free Kid's Mohawk Ear Flap Hat Pattern

My eight year old niece is fun-loving and loves to be the center of attention. I wanted to make her a new hat for Christmas this year, so I decided to knit her a mohawk hat.

I made a basic ear flap hat and then added a felted mohawk.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Knit Cars-Themed Sundress Pattern

My 3 year old niece loves Lightning McQueen and the Cars movies. Unfortunately, most of the clothes that are sold with Lightning McQueen is geared toward boys. I decided to make her a Cars dress for Christmas.

I found Lion Brand's Knit Sundress Pattern. I used this as the starting point of the dress and then modified it to make it into a Cars dress. I made the dress using Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in Stone and I used Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in Cherry for the trim.

I found this Lightning McQueen Chart and this Tow Mater Chart. I duplicate stitched the chart onto the pockets. I did have to increase the width of the pockets to fit the charts on the pockets, but I think it turned out really cute. She also informed me that the pockets are the perfect size for holding her cars and even some room to carry treats!

You can check out more details for this pattern and see some of my other knitting and crocheting projects on my Ravelry project page.