Saturday, May 17, 2014

Knit Pee Pee Teepees

My brother and sister-in-law just had a baby boy. Until now, I have only had nieces, so I am excited to finally have a boy to make things for! Here is my first project for baby Zachary.

On Zachary's first day, my brother experienced what it was like to change a boy when Zach peed all over during the diaper change. I had used pee pee covers years ago when I babysat for a little boy. I went out on Ravelry and found a pattern for a Pee Pee Teepee. These little covers can be used to cover Zachary during diaper changes to prevent pee from going anywhere, while the diaper is off.

These knit up super quickly and were very easy to make. Although the pattern recommends wool yarn, I chose to use cotton yarn. That way it can be easily washed and dried, yet will be soft on Zachary's skin. 

This is the pattern I used. You can find the entire pattern and more details Twenty One Days blog.
Cast on 3 stitches
R1: Knit as I-cord (3 stitches)
R2: K1 as I-cord, k1m1, K1. (4 stitches)
R3: K1 as I-cord, k1m1, k1, k1m1 (6 stitches)
R4: Knit all as I-cord (6 stitches)
R5: Join in the round and knit all stitches. (6 stitches)
R6: K1M1 around (12 stitches)
R7: Knit all.
R8: (K2, K1M1)* repeat 3 times, k1. (15 stitches)
R9: Knit around.
R10: K1M1 around (30 stitches)
R11: Knit around.
R12: (K6, K1M1)* repeat 4 times, knit to end. (34 stitches)
R13-22 Knit around.

Bind off in knit loosely. Weave in the ends.

I made two of these. More details about this project, as well as my other knitting and crocheting projects, can be found on my Ravelry Project Page. Hopefully, these will come in handy and will keep everyone changing his diaper dry and clean!

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