Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Crocheted Big Foot Slippers

If you are looking for a quick crochet project to make for the little monster in your life, this is the perfect pattern! The pattern comes from Brenda K. B. Anderson's book Beastly Crochet and is a fun, fast, and easy project.

Somebody I know loves watching Animal Planet's Finding Big Foot. In fact, the crew of the show was actually in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (where I live) earlier this year and they claim to have sighted Big Foot. I think it's funny, but these crocheted slippers are going to be the perfect Christmas gift for her!

I stumbled upon this pattern when I was looking for something else, but I loved it! This pattern also has a set of matching mittens. I may still make them, but I have not decided yet. You can purchase the pattern for these slippers and matching mittens here for $5.50 or you can find it in Brenda K. B. Anderson's book Beastly Crochet. I downloaded the ebook from Amazon, but you can also buy the paperback book or even find it at your local library. The book has lots of really neat ideas and I know I will be making more patterns from this book.

I made these slippers using Lion Brand Vanna's Choice yarn in Espresso, White, and Beige and Paton's Moxie in Dark Mink. You could use any eyelash yarn for the 'fur' and any worsted weight yarn for the rest of the slipper.

These slippers are crocheted holding two strands of yarn together for the main part of the slippers. The foot pads and claws are crocheted separately and are sewn on later. The hardest part of making these slippers was sewing on the foot pads and that really was not hard at all. I just crochet much better than I sew!

This pattern could be easily adjusted to make any fuzzy monster fan happy. By changing the color of the yarn, this pattern could be used to make Cookie Monster, Grover, Oscar the Grouch, or Elmo. You also could leave the foot pads and claws off and just make some cute fuzzy slippers that any kid or teen would love!

You can find more details about this project and some of my other knitting and crocheting projects on my Ravelry Project page. Be sure to check them out!

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